Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dont think u are....... know tht u are

Is this the air u r breathin........?well,the question seems vry stange n one would not bother to answer tht but the question has in store for u abundance of surprise and a whole new world to explore.A world where evrythin happening around us seems to be an illusion.We are unable to see beyond what we are allowed to see and feel what we are allowed to feel. We are living in a prison "a prison for our mind" and are we really a slave of what we call as "The Matrix".
Well, we have witnessed great people or the so called great people whom we praise, whom we consider someone special coz they have been able to assure us that they are the "one" the "one " who was able to pierce the nets of the matrix and see the reality.But "the one" is only "the one" , he is the one and only "neo" so how can there be more than one "the one". That "one " is no one else but u urself .Its all about identifying the one coz he can only break the shackles of the matrix and free ur mind to this bound less pool of randomness. I find no other word to describe whatever is around us.I can't call it a world, i can't call it universe coz callin it by any name would again be restricting myself to the bounds of the matrix.So what should one do to free oneself from the bounds of matrix.Renounce everythin and get disconnected by this false and deceptive world.well,this i think will lead u no wer.
The only way to get out of this matrix opens through the interims of the matrix itself. u have to accept the matrix and get urself disssolved in the matrix to decipher the matrix. Wt bounds us with this matrix is the desire and responsibilties we are born with. This is the encryption which hides the code of life.To break this code we need to understand the code. And the key to this code is acceptance and can never free his mind without one untying the knots. once we have accomplished this the path will automatically open and we will see the mind reachin the utopia of solace wt we may call as.................The zion. K buddies.... c u at Zion

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This is my religion this is me.......

some one who believes that everything is right in this world unless it hurts someone.
there is no religion to dictate me that.Don't confuse me as an atheist i firmly believe that one can definitely learn so much from the religious texts our ancestors have designed from their experiences of life.But imposing these writings on people is not justified specially when so much has changed with the passage of time. Evry thin written may not be relevant in the present context.One needs to identify this and use ones own discreation while deciding how one wants to live .When we say that a person belongs to a particular religion then one must follow wt evr is written in their holy text is just demeaning the value of those writings.If the writings r so holy n priceless then where is the need to force people to abide by them.
..................Inspite of numerous reasons which has made people to connect themselves with a particular religion and also insipite of the fact that people bet it is religion which has made us "human" and has seperated us frm other species.Lookin at it today i wish there would not have been ne religion in this world.I despise religion.. call me an atheist if u want to .if this is wt we have achieved frm our religion let the human race be no different than tht from the cavemen.
Let evry man define his own religion with the central aim of each religion being well being of man kind.If not well-being that is if i dont bother to do social welfare than atleast i wont do nethin which will contribute to ill-being of others....thats my religion. ........

...........LIVE n LET LIVE.!!!!.............